Worst Advice Ever

We’ve all fallen victim to some pretty ordinary advice over the years.

I know I can put my hand up with plenty.

Probably none as bad as old mate Ron Wayne though.

Poor bloke cashed in his Apple shares for $800 back in ’76 or so the story goes.

Poor bloke indeed.

Oh well.

Anyways, happened to come across this list on the worst nutrition advice in history and it’s pretty spot on.

Well, it’s scary to think that we all used to follow this nonsense.

Actually, what’s scary is that some muppets still follow this hymn book word for word.

In my view the ‘winner’ of this poll is this one:

Everyone (including diabetics) should eat a low fat, high carb diet
Apparently this terrible advice was based on misinformation anyway – hardly surprising.

Perfect quote from within sums this up entirely:

Although low-fat diets may be okay for healthy people, they are a complete disaster for people with obesity, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes.

That should be enough.

The next one (that just lost in a photo finish to the above) for mine was this one:

Don’t eat butter – margarine is better
Thanks mum for that one.

But she wasn’t Robinson Crusoe to be fair.

We were all sold that dummy that a processed trans fat laden product is far superior than a natural product that’s been around since Adam was a boy.


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Another pearler:

A calorie is a calorie. Something that you’ll see the good old macros people preach.
Like I’ve mentioned before – yep counting your macros might work for losing weight but so does that lemon detox diet.

Doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea though. Especially if you’re looking at a long term health effect of eating anything that you can fit on your plate just cause your macros said you could.

And to close this argument I quote from the article:

Here are two examples of why a calorie is NOT a calorie:

• Protein: Eating a high protein diet can boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day and significantly reduce appetite and cravings. Protein calories have a different effect than carb or fat calories.

• Satiety: Many studies show that different foods have varying effects on feelings of fullness. You need much fewer calories to feel full from eggs or boiled potatoes, compared to donuts or ice cream.

So there you go.

Is there anything you’d add?



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