I love how my clothes feel better on

I love that I don’t have that bloated feeling all the time

I like that I have cut down the alcohol…. and all the chips/snacks that went hand in hand with it

I like feeling “clearer” and less foggy

My skin is clearer too

So many benefits

No I didn’t make that up.

That is straight from DPMer Kasey.

Week 5 into the DPM 5 Week Accelerate 2016 Kick Start,

And it’s pretty obvious that she’s nailed it.

Knew exactly what she wanted out of it.

Stuck to the plan that was laid out.

And of course,

She did the work.

It wasn’t all champagne and caviar.

She had some tough moments.

But got on top of it.

And remembered that things don’t have to be perfect.

They just gotta get done.

The proof is in what you first read.

That is how she’s feeling now.

After only 5 short weeks.

Pretty cool right?

There’s a big key that she did every day too to get this.

I’ll tell you about that soon.

Maybe it’s something that you’d like to feel too?

Want some of what Kasey’s feeling right now?

I’ve currently got spaces in the following groups that may fit your schedule:

And with those groups comes the road map to get that same feeling for yourself.

You just gotta do the work that’s laid out.

* Monday and Wednesday Mornings at Lilyfield 5:40am-6:40am (1 space left)

* Tuesday and Thursday Fatblast at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am (4 spaces left)

* Saturday Wake Up at Observatory Hill 8-9am (2 spaces left)


Go here now and lock in your spot before the house full sign goes up




PS – that secret of Kasey’s? Emailing me everyday what she’s eaten for that added accountability. And she’s still enjoyed some nice wine and some good food too.

Remember you don’t have to live like a nun to get all of this



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