Yay! I Can Eat Donuts Now

Wish I could take credit for that headline.

But these words of DPMer Scot’s when he sent me this article called ‘The health foods that contain more fat than a doughnut’ ring true.

“Thousands of people will read the headline and say yay I can eat donuts now!”

Terrible journalism.

But the words inside are just as scary from our old nutritionist friend.

Here she bags stuff like Coconut products cause they have saturated fats.

God help us.


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Does she not realise that NOT all saturated fat is bad for us?

More so the real danger is trans fat.

In truth, not all trans fats are even bad for us.

Did you know that stuff like grass fed steak has trans fat?


That stuff is the good stuff.

She also bags awesome foods like avocado and nuts.

Her tips # 7 and # 8 are my faves though on her hit list

7. Choose grain based bread and crackers

(of course cause they are a much better option than coconut products)

8. Avoid biscuits, cakes and pastries made using palm oil or hydrogenated vegetable shortening

(so other biscuits, cakes and pastries are okay then?)

You can just hear everyone saying those words now about the donuts right?

Sometimes people open their mouth and just confirm one of my favourite lines

“If brains were dynamite, she wouldn’t blow her ears off”

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PS – Check it out for yourself here


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