You Can’t Be Serious?

Well now I have seen it all.

Saw a headline that read “Nestle’s next big thing is exercise in a bottle”.

Yep the same company that has contributed to that hardening of your arteries and that have prevented you from slipping those skinny jeans over your thighs now have the solution coming supposedly.

Drink this magic potion and you can lose weight without exercising.

Yep, we all want the solution without having to put in any work.

It’s human nature.

And if it does go to market there’ll be a bunch of suckers that’ll give it a go because the researchers have ‘identified an enzyme that regulates metabolism which mimics the fat burning effects from exercise’.

Ok then.

If you believe that, I have a really nice bridge in Brooklyn that I’d like to sell to you…

But unfortunately, there is only one real solution.

Move more, eat less.

Sounds simple but it obviously isn’t getting through if we are still battling an obesity epidemic.

So that leads me to think that it all seems too hard to get started.

I get that.

If you have a massive amount of weight to lose (or even just 5-10kg) the hardest part is making a change – actually being sick and tired of where you are enough to confront the pain – and the fear – and do something about it.

So why confront the whole situation.

Forget whatever the number is you need to lose.

And just pick one thing to do better today than you did yesterday.

It might be to not drink a soft drink today or eat just for the sake of eating.

It might even be to go to bed earlier rather than seeing what some person who you don’t even like is doing on Facebook.

Whatever it is just pick one thing.

Do that today, tomorrow and the day after.

Then you can get some progress happening.

Like I always say, it doesn’t have to be rocket science – and you don’t have to change the world in a day- just make today better than yesterday.

Fair enough?



PS – If you’re curious here’s the article

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