You Gotta See This

This will surely give you a laugh if your hump day is a bit of a struggle today.

Happened to come across this video last week where a bunch of fitness nuts were had for a prank over in the US.

The premises was he’d created this new workout FRIQ (freak).

Did you hear about it?

Definitely take the couple of minutes and watch the video if you want a laugh.


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The new superexercises included:

– engaging the tongue (what you haven’t been doing this?!)

– stomping the grapes

– rolling around in bubble wrap

The part I liked was the ‘no fitness hipsters were harmed in the making of this fake commercial.

Gotta love hipsters right.

Although at least these ones had a sense of humour.

Unlike the ones in the UK yesterday who were up in arms over a Fire Department posting a comment on Twitter that ‘no hipsters were harmed in the fire’ of a blaze in a trendy restaurant that they were called to put out.

The fun police complained and they had to apologise for that remark if you can believe that.

Did you hear that?

The world’s gone mad.

Anyways, it’s a pretty smart marketing idea from the company behind the prank cause the gooey stuff Bree-arn was pushing as the new superfood wasn’t exactly that appetising – making the snack they were pushing a much more tastier option.

Nice one.



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