You Should Try This

Something different today.

Call it Free Plug Friday or whatever.

So, instead of encouraging you to come and join me at Team DPM  

(which you are more than welcome to do by the way… HINT HINT…)

I’m going to recommend you do something for yourself.

Something your body will thank me for.

Book in and see a Sports Massage Therapist.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re active or not, 

sit at a desk all day or stand all day,

chances are your body could do with some love.

I used to always put it off,

told myself I would get around to it one day.

But I rarely ever did.

And when I did it was usually a spur of the moment one in a shopping centre.

You know those crappy ones?

Sure there might have been an okay one here and there.

But most of em sucked.

Kinda wasted my time.

You know what I mean?

That was until about this time last year I started getting a headache that just wouldn’t go away.

Thought maybe I was dehydrated.

Nope. Nothing helped.

Thought maybe stressed.

Nope not that either. 

Panadol didn’t really knock the edge off either.

So I thought I’d hit my foam roller and see if I could get some relief cause I was desperate.

Gave me a little bit of relief.

Hang on a minute!

It was cause of my neck and back

(both are pretty ordinary from old footy injuries that never got the proper recovery and treatment they needed)

As fate would have it I was recommended to a clinic from former DPMer Scot who is a good bloke despite liking AFL.

It got me back on track.

And now it’s a regular monthly (at least) occurrence.

I just book it in and make it happen.

And the girl that I recommend if you’ve ever felt any of what I did is Leah Woldhuis.

She doesn’t know I’m doing this.

Call it paying it forward cause she’s the best at what she does.

I just want to spread the word about her cause she is literally a body saver for me.

Gets my beat up body in a workable state.

I’ve just got back from another one and don’t get me wrong, it’s not an airy fairy massage that feels like a breeze on your back.

She gets the right spots and it isn’t fun at times.

But just like doing an exercise you hate, you know it does the job and it will pay off in the end.

If you’re interested in seeing Leah you can check them out here

Leah is based out of Olympic Park at Homebush or Ryde.

She also does stuff in Drummoyne but for another company  

Seriously, I cannot recommend her highly enough



PS – if you’re in the Shire I can recommend an awesome girl – Belle, down there too- haven’t been able to see her for years since she stopped home visits but she’s awesome. Just let me know if you want her details.


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