Your Christmas Pressy?

How many will you do?

Christmas kilos I’m talking about.

We all do it.

To be honest, I usually add a kg or three on at this time of year too.

Cause unfortunately, just like you, I simply cannot eat whatever I want.

That stopped when I was 21 and put on 10kg in 3 months.


I nearly lost my neck I looked that fat.

Anyways, today’s the last day that you can get on board for DPM this year before I shut it down until the New Year.

I decided to shut it down and put people on a waiting list if they joined next week onwards.


Cause I want you to take action NOW.

I want you to do something right before those Christmas kilos come knocking on your door.

I don’t expect you to NOT be on the wineos a little bit more.

I don’t expect you to NOT be eating a lot more extra food than you normally would.

That’s why you NEED to get something happening to ensure the balance stays.

A bit of exercise here.

A bit of wine there.

You know what I mean?


To ensure you keep up with access to my entertaining and results producing daily emails that’ll keep you on top of everything you must do to get back in the skinny jeans click here now


You need to go here NOW and join us.


And seeing as there’s only 2 weeks left for this year before we stop for the Christmas Break, if you join Team DPM via this email I’ll shout you a $50 Gift Card for Christmas – iTunes, JB Hifi or Rebel

Your choice.

The only catch, if you’d call it that, is that you need to join us next week to start.

Session times

Tues/Thurs at Observatory Hill 7:15-7:45am

Wednesday at Surry Hills 7:15-8am

Friday at Observatory Hill 7-8am

Saturday at Observatory Hill 8-9am

Take your pick.



PS – join today and your investment is locked in at 2015 price for life – no matter how high my prices may rise down the track

Go here now and select the amount of sessions each week you want to join us for



If you’re keen to get more accurate and biased (cause I know what works!) action points that separate fact from fiction – and what actually work in the real world – turn your email inbox into your number one skinny jeans shapeup & toning resource with the DPM Skinny Jeans Inside Mail

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