Your Plan B

Just like the RTA advertise (or whatever they call themselves these days) –
you need a safe plan B option to get you home after you’ve had a few wineos.

And just like them, I’ve got your back.

See, as you might’ve read yesterday with the ‘phoning it in’ email if you didn’t get your usual workout in cause of the crappy Sydney weather (that only seems to be getting worse)

– you should be knocking out something else instead.

That is if you want to keep on track with what got you started in the first place.

So while yesterdays message was a wrap to those who got out of bed, braved the crap weather and transport hassles and came to my morning sessions.

Some even crossed the Harbour Bridge just for the session and drove back across to get back to work fighting all the other muppets on the road – that’s commitment!

(confession time, I actually write these during my morning break and schedule it to go out in the arvo when I’m usually having my Emily time)


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I missed out on my usual workout too.

And cause I knew I’d scheduled in the ‘phoning it in’ email I couldn’t really phone it in myself could I?

What would that prove?

That I’m nothing but smoke and mirrors.

Fancy words and not much else.

Not that you would’ve known.

But I’ve still got to look myself in the mirror and not believe the same excuses I encourage you not to believe.

So, I decided to do this workout at home.

Now it may not look like a lot.

In fact it only took me 15 minutes.

But here’s the deal:

That’s 15 minutes more than I would’ve got in otherwise – if I had’ve phoned it in and made an excuse why I couldn’t do anything

Despite how ‘easy’ it may look on paper it got my heart rate up. Which is weight loss 101. Want to lose weight? Get your heart rate up with exercises that work pretty much every muscle in your body and minimise your recovery time

If you’re curious about what I did in the comfort of my lounge room while cranking some old Def Leppard classics?

Check this out:

1a) Roller push ups x 15
1b) Roller leg curls x 15
Repeat x 4

2a) Roller cardio scissors x 30

2b) Roller kick outs x 15

Repeat x 4

3a) Roller blast offs x 15

3b) Scissor squats x 15

Repeat x 4

That’s it.

I was sweating and the heart rate was right up pretty much straight away.

Now you may not have a roller.

That doesn’t matter.

It just adds to the intensity.

But you can do this without one.

Sound like a plan?

Give it a go and let me know what you think.



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